LES Australia’ is able to offer Individual Members, Units & larger bodies of the Australian Defence Force, a full range of equipment, which will greatly enhance the capability of the individual War-fighter on current Operations Overseas.

Whatever the role or requirement, be assured, that ‘LES Australia’ has the capability to rapidly acquire & field a range of ‘Tier-one’ products that will be suited to meet the harsh demands made by both current & future ADF deployments.


‘LES Australia’ is in the prime position to supply a vast range of Personal & Tactical equipment, to meet the operational requirements of today’s Law Enforcement & Corrections Agencies.

With a full catalogue of equipment available, ‘LES Australia’ is able to source & supply a range of Commercially available and ‘Tier One’ Premium equipment, through extremely cost-effective & rapid acquisition methods.

What ever your role, or mission requirement, – ‘LES Australia’ can supply a full range of equipment that has been designed to exceed the demands of today’s Law Enforcement & Corrections Community.


‘LES Australia’ has the ability to work with Individuals, and both Government & Private Entities of which are involved in Stability Operations overseas.

Acting as a Force Multiplier, ‘LES Australia’ has the capacity to work with the Client, to ensure that Equipment can be sourced and supplied both quickly and efficiently. So whether you are involved in Risk Management, a Non-Governmental Organization, Aid Relief, Security Consultancy or Anti-Piracy; – ‘LES Australia’ can assist you get what you need, so that you can get where you need to be to make a difference.


‘LES Australia’ has the Capability to move quickly, efficiently and discreetly; to meet the needs of rapidly developing emerging requirements as they are presented.

Utilizing all of its resources both domestically and internationally, ‘LES Australia’ can assist the client achieve those objectives, that are completely unique whereupon a Commercial Off-The shelf solution is not suitable.