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Who Are We?

‘LES Australia’ has been specifically set up to order & deliver the equipment that you, your Branch, or your Service needs; in order to get the Mission Accomplished.

Established in October 2006, ‘LES Australia’ is a wholly-owed Australia-based Company, that has become a trusted source for the importation of both commercially-available and Restricted Equipment under the International Treaty for Arms Regulations ( ITAR ) to a range of Government and Corporate Clients, both at home in Australia; and around the World.

‘LES Australia’ represents a range of Internationally-acclaimed OEM’s from around the World,of which empowers LES Australia to be able to provide genuine OEM-Soured product, – all of which are seen as ‘leaders’ in their field, – and in turn ensure that the Solutions that LES Australia provides; are True Force Multipliers.

‘LES Australia’ offer its clients a holistic-consultative approach to Equipment Procurement. Focusing on providing a cost-effective and timely solution to get equipment into the hands of Operators who need it !

Through the provision of a range of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) and MOTS (Military Off The Shelf) Products, in combination with a suite of Turn-Key Solutions; – ‘LES Australia’ offers an unrivalled service that empowers the Client to identify and source Products that will enhance their capability at every level.

‘LES Australia’ has fast become an attractive proposition when it comes to the rapid acquisition of Tactical & Operational equipment, by Government Agencies across Australia; for both Domestic and International Operational Deployments.

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What We Do

‘LES Australia’ has the most extensive product and service portfolio available. We provide military, law enforcement, and first responder agencies a single-source solution to meet any mission requirement as cost-effectively as possible.

Equipment Supply

Whether the requirement is via a traditional shopping list, or is a technical specification-based requirement, – LES Australia is able to provide a simply equipment supply service; that is available either directly via the On-Line Store or through a direct consultation.

LES Australia has the honour of working directly with the following brands….

3M Peltor, Accuracy 1st International , ADAMS Industries, ADS Inc, Agilite, Arc’Teryx LEAF, Chinook Medical, CLAW Gear, Deenside Ltd, Gem-Tech Suppressors, Geissele Automatics, High Threat Concealment, INFORCE, Juggernaut Defence, Karrimor SF, London Bridge Trading, MAGPUL Industries, NEMO Equipment – Shield, North American Rescue, O’Gara Group, OR-Outdoor Research, Princeton Tec, PROPPER, Revision Military, Salomon, Sea To Summit, Spartan Village, SPIKES Tactical, SPUHR of Sweden, Team Wendy, TROY Industries, Unity Tactical, US Enforcement Apparel; Warrior Assault Systems.

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Equipment Kitting

Thanks to the connectivity that LES Australia enjoys with the US market, and its Prime Vendor partner ADS Inc, – LES Australia is able to offer a complete ‘full spectrum’ kitting solution, that is designed to take into account the unique operational requirements of the end user. An equipment supply solution that is second-to-none in Australia.

From a complete uniform solution, through to complete Expeditionary Kit-outs, LES Australia has the capability to source exactly what is required in order to ensure that the mission is a complete success.

LES Australia supplies individual line items from the following categories…

Ammunition, Apparel, Ballistic Eyewear, Ballistic Head Protection, Communications Equipment & Ancillaries, Duty Apparel, Enhanced Limb Protection Components, Footwear, Glove Systems, IFF & IR Beacon, Medical Equipment, Non-Ballistic Head Protection, Outdoor Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Shelters, Suppressors, Tactical Nylon, Bags & Packs, Target Illumination, Training Equipment, Uniforms, Watches, Weapons; Weapons Parts & Accessories

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Camouflage Design & Provision

LES Australia is able to offer a comprehensive turn-key solution for the design and provision of individually unique and tactically capable Camouflage Solution based on the unique operational requirements of the client.

Camouflage Solutions can be provided in a range of uniform-build raw materials, as well as complete uniform and tactical nylon product lines.

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POM-Public Order Equipment

Since 2006, LES Australia has had the honor of supplying a full rage of Public Order Management equipment to both State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies across Australia.

The provision of only tried and tested Public Order Equipment out of the UK, ensures that every component sold, is certified to the latest British Safety standards; with a history that goes back 35 years. No other POM equipment manufacturer comes with such proven capability, and as such, you can be assured that the POM equipment that LES Australia supplies; is a true Force Multiplier.

Equipment available includes but not limited to…

  • Deenside Ltd (UK) – PPE-Personal Protective Equipment
  • Helmets Integrated (UK) – ARGUS Public Order Helmets
  • Civil Defense Systems (UK) – Armadillo ‘Interlocking’ Shields
  • Revision Military (Canada) – Ballistic Eyewear w/ Laszrbloc Lens

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‘LES Australia’ provides access to the mission-critical C4ISR equipment and components required to maintain operational readiness.

Communications equipment such as headsets, amplifiers, and antennas often require upgrades at a faster rate than the core system they support. Systems upgrades are also required for emerging capabilities such as receivers for ISR-centric signals from National and tactical systems, GPS enhancements, and advancements in Tagging, Tracking, and Locating sensors.

LES Australia – in partnership with Core Industry Partner ADS Inc – partners with industry-leading manufacturers to offer a unique variety of C4ISR equipment and solutions to meet your communications requirements. We have the procurement and support solutions to develop a comprehensive program to address your C4ISR requirements and provide readiness at reduced cost.LES Australia works with a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers, that in turn empower LES Australia to offer a suite of Uniform solutions that are designed to address operational requirements and environments.

  • Antennas
  • C4ISR Kits
  • Headsets & Intercoms
  • ISR
  • Power Supplies
  • Radios & Accessories
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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CSE – Combat Support Equipment

With the broadest selection of quality equipment, efficient procurement, and cost effective support solutions, LES Australia – in partnership with Core Industry Partner ADS Inc can enhance your combat support requirements and reduce your cost of readiness.

Combat Support Operations require a tremendous amount of equipment and capabilities – both inside and outside the fence line. From expeditionary structures, power generation, and energy efficiency, to storage, vehicles, heavy equipment, and tool kits for maintenance, our Combat Support Equipment (CSE) team has the industry and operational experience to provide the solutions you require.

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SMS – Special Mission Systems

LES Australia – in partnership with Core Industry Partner ADS Inc – works with thousands of Manufacturers and ADS ‘Subject Matter Experts’ to have the ability to provide a range of services & product, that are designed around the provision of Special Mission Systems.

Dive & Maritime – ADS’s historical involvement with the dive community has allowed them to develop strong, long-standing relationships with a variety of industry-leading dive manufacturers.

First Responders – We understand your complex equipment requirements, maintenance and repair needs and budget constraints. We face these obstacles head on, and create unique solutions.

Robotics – Industry leaders are constantly developing more capable unmanned systems to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, from discrete reconnaissance to neutralizing CBRNE threats.

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‘Contact Us’

Postal Address : GPO Box 2056, Rockingham DC, WA, 6967

Tel : +61 8 9591 3381

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Our Manufactures

LES Australia is honoured to be representing the following Manufacturers directly to the Australian Government and its Law Enforcement and Military community.