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“Providing Law Enforcement & Military with the kit needed to do the job properly”

LES Australia is a trusted and recognised source for the supply of a range of Operational equipment into the Australian Dept Of Defence, Federal & State Law Enforcement; and Corrective Services.

Offering a holistic-consultative approach to Equipment Procurement, LES Australia specialises in the provision of equipment that is proven within the battle space; a true Force Multiplier.


LES Australia’ is able to offer Individual Members, Units & larger bodies of the Australian Defence Force, a full range of equipment, which will greatly enhance the capability of the individual War-fighter on current Operations Overseas.

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LES Australia’ is in the prime position to supply a vast range of Personal & Tactical equipment, to meet the operational requirements of today’s Law Enforcement & Corrections Agencies.



LES Australia’ has the ability to work with Individuals, and both Government & Private Entities of which are involved in Stability Operations overseas.


‘LES Australia’ has the Capability to move quickly, efficiently and discreetly; to meet the needs of rapidly developing emerging requirements as they are presented.


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 Our Manufacturers

We work closely with only the best brands in the industry to insure 100% satisfaction.


What we Do

‘LES Australia’ is No#1 trusted source for the importation of both Premium-Commercial and Restricted Tactical Equipment as prescribed by the US Munitions List and controlled by the
‘International Traffic in Arms Regulations’ ( ITAR ).

‘LES Australia’ is a Federal & State Government Equipment supplier, specializing in the supply of Premium ‘Tier One’ equipment to Federal & State Law Enforcement, Corrections, EMS, and the ADF across Australia.

Established in October 2006, ‘LES Australia’ has become a trusted source for the importation of both commercially-available and Restricted Equipment under the International Treaty for Arms Regulations ( ITAR ).

LES Australia’ has the in-house ability to source, import, navigate US ITAR legislation, and directly-deliver the required equipment to the Client. Such an ability, makes ‘LES Australia’ an attractive proposition when it comes to the rapid acquisition of Tactical & Operational equipment by Government Agencies across Australia, for both Domestic & International Operational Deployments.